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Purelogicol Hair & Nails Revitalizing Supplement

R 965.00 ZAR

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Hair & Nails Revitalizing Supplement

90 Capsules

PureLogicol Hair & Nails Revitalizing Supplement nourishes from within to support the existing hair growth cycle and improves the overall hair and nail health.
This advanced formula contains vital nutrients for healthy, strong and thick hair.
Bioperine®, a phytonutrient, helps increase bioavailability to maximize absorption of nutrients.

• Protects cells from oxidative stress
• Promotes scalp health
• Stimulates hair growth & volume
• Maximizes nutrient absorption
• Maintains strong & healthy nails

Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) provide a unique synergistic blend of amino acids which are structural components of Keratin. Vitamins C and E help prevent free radical damage to the DNA and proteins, protecting your hair follicels and scalp to maintain normal hair growth and volume.

Take three capsules daily with food.
For optimum results, use for three months.
To maintain on-going benefits, continue at the same dosage.

90 Capsules