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Comfort Zone Body Active Booster

R 525.00 ZAR

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Localized activating concentrate


Cosmetic gel treatment for the body with a thermogenic ingredient, pure caffeine and carnitine, recommended to improve the results of fitness activities.The practical roll-on applicator allows a targeted application.

How to use:

Before beginning fitness activity, apply a thin layer of gel and massage the critical areas prone to fatty deposits: the stomach, the buttocks, the knee area.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before use.


STEP 1: ROLL-ON BOOSTER to be used on critical areas, before and during physical activity

STEP 2: SHOWER SCRUB to use in the shower, after physical activity

STEP 3: CREAM to use every day after physical activity, after the shower 

The product may cause a temporary feeling of heat, and it is recommended to distribute it with the appropriate applicator. If the product is massaged with the hands, they must be washed thoroughly before touching the face or eye area.

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