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Christine Capendale Meals

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Christine Capendale Cook Books

Preparing delicious and healthy meals for your family every day is hope for everyone's "must do but does not have time list". If this sounds familiar to you, then Christine Capendale's cookbook Meals is the best companion in your kitchen right now. The cookbook has clever ideas for daily afternoons and dinners, as well as entertaining hits and hanging out meals.

The dishes are so easy to make and will not leave you toiling for hours in the kitchen.

Rediscover the art of cooking with fresh, modern ideas for coming home that will make you look at the food pantry with new eyes.

The book contains ideas on:

  1. Meal planning
  2. Reliable Meals- prepared foods for the fridge, and freezer
  3. One-dish meals- dishes are not going to drive you crazy here. Cut plate, knife, pot and stir spoon 
  4. Salad meals
  5. Soup meals
  6. Side Dishes
  7. Shortcut Meals
  8. Vegetarian Meals
  9. Spoil foods
  10. Meals for reception


You can now with confidence shout "FOOD IS ON THE TABLE!" with this cookbook by your side - will make you the favorite person in the house.

In our house when the men start feasting - then I can only say - you know whose recipe you are eating today - then it comes wholeheartedly “must be a Christine” …. Heidi (Big Fan) ** "I have literally almost made every recipe in this book - it is sooo easy and just super tasty!