Wood & Steel

Wood and steel luxury gifts are the perfect combinations of elegance and durability. Explore a range of options and find the perfect gift for your loved ones that exude opulence and sophistication.

Leather Gifting

Luxury gifting with leather items is a timeless and elegant choice. Discover a curated selection of luxurious leather gifts for any occasion and find inspiration for your next special gift.

Silk Gifting

Luxury gifting is all about indulgence and sophistication. From luxurious silk items to exquisite accessories, discover the perfect gifts for your loved ones that will make them feel cherished and pampered.

Luxury Brands

Discover the world of luxury gifting with our selection of high-quality items from top luxury brands. Find the perfect gift for your loved ones and indulge in the luxury experience.

Wrapping Solutions

Discover unique and creative luxury wrapping solutions that will elevate your gifting experience. From elegant gift wrapping ideas to luxurious packaging options, make your presents truly stand out.

Glass Gifting

Luxury gifting with glass products offers a beautiful and sophisticated option for special occasions. Explore a range of high-end glass gifts for a truly elegant and memorable present.


Gourmet items make for excellent corporate gifts, as they exude sophistication and thoughtfulness.

Let us combine multiple gourmet items into a beautifully curated gift to show your appreciation. 


Add a personal touch to a stylish office gift. We will brand your desk pads, mouse pads, pens, notebooks etc with your company logo or a beautiful curated image to ensure your gift has extra personal value.


Ad Hoc items outside of a particular collection – tell us what you want, even if you think it cannot be done – we will try our best to attend to your request – volumes are at stake here for best price.

Create Your Own

We compile a gift to your theme or event – a selection of goods from our collections or we source whatever you need from our large network of suppliers – Bath & Body, Beach Towels, Game Drive blankets etc